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Ashta Dhatu Ring is a combination of eight metals. The metals used are gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron and mercury. These idols are said to be highly auspicious and worshiping them at home can bring Happiness, Prosperity & peace of mind many times more than any normal Idol, as these idols are subjected to Natural purification at the time of Processing. Ashta Dhatu Rings is worn on a favorable day. After putting on the ring, the wearer needs to concentrate on his desires and register them onto his sub-conscious. The power of the gem compounded with that of the subconscious, empowers the person, leading to enhanced confidence, and an end to financial, material, personal and mental problems. Ashta Dhatu Ring that protect the wearer from affliction of ghosts and spirits and from nightmares. Certain gem nullifies the evil effects of witchcraft and removes the fear of enmity and gloom. The eight metals, made of eight metals brings good luck, health and wealth. An inexpensive ring, it is a boon for the financially burdened. Experienced Pandits can do Ashta Dhatu Ring worship Mantra Siddhi or charged. Alternately if you want you can get this worship done yourself by your family Pandit. Please let us know all your Full details Note- We gives you 100% Original Best Price Ashta Dhatu Rings at the best price possible! If you are not happy with the eight metals Rings. Your shipping cost will also be return. visit- Website