Chrysoberyl (Alexandrite) located in New York

INFORMATION OF THE PRODUCT: Chrysoberyl (Alexandrite) ORIGIN: They are currently located in New York (USA). Quality: Parameters Color: color-changing from bluish-green to purplish-red. Hardness: 8.5 Mohs Specific gravity: 3.70 - 3.72 Sg Refractive index: 1,745 - 1,754 Polaroscope: DR Pleochroism: Strong, X = red-purple, Y = orange, Z = Green. Phenomenon: Change of color good to very good. Optic Characters: Biaxial + Additional test Natural color not Irradiated not Bombarded. Chemical composition: BeAl2O4. Conclusion: Natural Alexandrites. Quality: Good commercial. Certificate: has its own laboratory certified in the USA. Quantity: 78,000 gr or 390,000 carats. The stones weigh on average 1 to 2 carats. 6.Delivery: Minimum 1kg or 5,000 carats are sold Delivery site: Agreed by the buyer. Sample is delivered by appointment of the parties, for the gemologist of the purchase to analyze the quality, prior appointment with a lawyer. Payment against delivery. Price: $ 2,000 USD per carat. The image is illustrtive and does not represent the actual product