Mineral Corindon Gem Ruby

QUALITY Parameters. Color: Matice: Purple Red Tone: Dark Medium Transparency: Opaque Size-cut: Pear Phenomenon: Cat's Eye Assembled: No Gravity: 4 Sg Optical Character: DR L Crystal system: Hexagonal Hardness: 9 Mohs Ultraviolet: Inert Inclusions: Growing row hexagonal. · Degree of purity: * DCL Embellishment: None QUANTITY 1 MEASUREMENTS: 75.00 mm * 47.80 mm * 26.90 mm CERTIFICATE: has its proper Colombian and American certification. WEIGHT: 574 carats. DELIVERY SITE: Bogotá Payment against delivery. PRICE: $ 25'000.000.oo USD (Twenty-five million US dollars) The ruby was valued in the year 2006 in Colombia, for a value between 19 to 21 million USD. Its current value is estimated around 40 million USD. Being this an excellent opportunity to acquire this gem We speak Spanish and a little English.