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Our Jewellery Jewellery is a woman's best friend, and is the perfect way to play up or play down an outfit. However, in India today, most jewellery is treated as a purchase for weddings and special occasions. These lovely pieces spend most of their time in lockers. How often have you longed for light, contemporary jewellery that can work with your daily wear, for jewellery that you can wear for different occasions – from pool parties and office outings to daily work wear and school functions? Enter Melorra, a company that styles jewellery for the contemporary wardrobe. While the apparel industry tracks the global trends in fashion, jewellery often lags behind. At Melorra, our global trend-spotters spot the styles that'll make the cut for today's fashion scene across global runways like Paris and Milan. Then, our international design team interprets these trends to create jewellery. These pieces make an appearance in our Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer collections. Melorra launches new jewellery designs in line with the global fashion trends week on week. March with Military, saunter with Bohemian, swirl with Floral, stride with Checks and Stripes. These are just a few tasters. There are lots more! The Melorra Product India's leading and technically advanced jewellery manufacturers have partnered with Melorra to deliver jewellery designs that are original and current. We use 100 per cent 3D printing to provide an accurate and elegant finish to our products. Melorra jewellery is available in all shades of gold – yellow, white and rose. Our jewellery pieces also feature gemstones. These are not limited to the four traditional precious gemstones – ruby, sapphire, emerald and aquamarine. The gemstones we choose are in sync with fashion colours of the latest season. Melorra brings you an endless palette of colours in the world of semi-precious gemstones which include cultured and freshwater pearls. The Melorra Shopping Experience Melorra is available on iOS and Android, and on a mobile responsive site. Our shopping experience has been designed by the best user-experience designers, comes packed with editorial style images shot by some of India's most sought-after photographers, and features top models sporting trending fashion across three occasions – work, party and casual. Designed much like a fashion magazine with a buy button, it is a great style guide to get together your perfect look for that special occasion. Melorra Social Cause Support With a female founder at the helm, all of us at Melorra feel passionately about girl child education. We support the incredible work done by Educate Girls, a not-for-profit organization which is holistically tackling issues at the root cause of gender inequality in the Indian education system. They have helped ensure over 90 per cent enrollment and higher attendance as well as improved school infrastructure, quality of education and learning outcomes for all girls, and have enrolled more than 110,000 girls in school who were out of school. Melorra makes a humble contribution of ₹100 from the profit of every sale. You can truly feel proud when you wear Melorra jewellery. Melorra Styledesk We have a dedicated StyleDesk staffed by our employees at 080-3301-3252. Please give us a buzz or Whatsapp us. You could chat with us on our site through our chat window. You could also email us at for any queries you may have. Website Website