Software Developed By: Mr. Sri Kumar Raja Mobile: +91-9533599282 Mobile: +91-8465083040 Email: Website: FEATURES OF OUR AUTO TYPER: · Automatic typing of text file of image in to the third party i.e. clients software · Allows to select the target software i.e., in which typing has to be done · Adjust the typing speed has you like. · Also functions well with that third party software which blocks the usage of copy and paste options in it. · After uploading the Text files and setting typing speed click on the third party software · Supports all types of editors such as Image to Typing (Search Line Database), OGS Notepad, Text editor, MF Notepad, Agent Flash, etc · Completes the work with 100% accuracy · No need to install the software · Evidence free, work with this software · Nobody can detect that the typing is done with software. You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated by manual type work, but don’t give up. Your situation is about to change with the usage of our Text to Excel converter – Crystal ICR software. Yes, what you are listening was absolutely true. Now our picture to Excel tool helps you a lot by doing automatic type work that is similar to manual work. Our insert picture in to image cells supports multi lingual (English, French, Dutch and etc) image typing in the target software (third party software like search Line editor, image to Notepad, OGS Notepad, Text editor, MF Notepad and etc) even though that target software don’t allow paste and copy actions. We facilitated our users by adding adjustable speed option to Excel testing tool. A click on target software after uploading image text files and setting type speed will complete typing work with 100% accuracy rate. We want to make you realize that our tool work is evidence free by avoiding the installation processes of the software. We serve you by our less priced services and products. Hence, avoid your frustration, tiredness and discouragement by accessing our Crystal Logics products and services which are done by minding your satisfaction as priority. YOU TUBE LINK: WEB POST LINK: KEYWORDS: Text to Excel converter, Convert image to Excel, Excel texting, picture to Excel tool, Insert picture in to image cells. Website