Software Developed By: Mr. Sri Kumar Raja Mobile: +91-9533599282 Mobile: +91-8465083040 Email: srikumar.online@gmail.com Website: www.crystal-icr.com/products.html Now use affordable priced IMAGE TO EDITABLE TEXT CONVERSION – CRYSTAL ICR SOFTWARE for comfortable working with 98% accuracy. Features of our Crystal ICR software: Recognizes Latin language letters with high accuracy Converts document at Swift rate of 8 files /minute (depending on input) Supports tacky images Unmanned image status modifier Drag s out very little sized text Prepared identify Italic and Cursive texts Converts multilingual images such as English, French, Dutch and etc Sustains execution of group of images Transforms all image formats like Tiff, Jpg, Gif, Bmp, Png etc Conversion to Word (DOC) or Text (TXT) is possible No matter of size for conversion Automatic ancient file identifier “Breaking the time barrier” is the only route to unlock earning potential. Regarding to complete the work or conversion in limited time, we present this easily utilized IMAGE TO EDITABLE TEXT CONVERTER – CRYSTAL ICR SOFTWARE. Convert image to editable word not only with 98% accuracy but also with rapid conversion rate of 8 files per minute. As a matter of fact this image to editable word drags very little sized script even from a tacky image. Besides the automatic correction of image quality, it identifies age documents. Moreover, it supports multilingual images (English, French, German and etc) in addition to Latin alphabets. To be specific text generator works on all image formats (Tiff, Jpg, Bmp, Png, Gif and etc) even with Italic and cursive fonts. Although images are in bulk, it can perform batch conversion easily. As a consequent of this Image to text builder usage result will be produced in Word (DOC) or Notepad (TXT). Furthermore of these Crystal ICR products, we Crystal Logics team always available to serve you in all image or pdf or any conversions. Ultimately, we say that Crystal Logic is a company build-up with customers trust. Hence use our services and products and unlock your earning potential. YOUTUBE LINK : https://www.youtube.com/user/srikumarraja/videos WEB POST LINK: http://crystallogics.com/blog/image-to-editable-text-conversion-software/ KEYWORDS: image to editable text conversion, image to editable text converter, convert image to editable word, image text maker, text generator, image to text builder Website http://www.crystal-icr.com/products.html