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Grocery shopping is a must needed task for every family and people always try to find out an outlet where they can shop for almost all their requisites at a fair price and they can get to experience organized shopping. Custom-made retail grocery software can bridge the gap between a grocery shopper and shop keeper and make the shop management and shopping experience organized and amicable, respectively. RBWs Karni Retail Software offers full-featured and simple to use grocery retail software that will make managing and maintaining your retail grocery business easy and efficient. Whether you own a single grocery store or convenience store or a chain of such stores, grocery POS software is set to meet the needs of your retail environment so that you can manage your retail operations efficiently. This grocery POS software does not allow any mistake in billing or in the stock calculation because no human intervention is needed here. We have invented grocery store software solution ideal for every kind of retail grocery or convenience stores dealing in loose items as well as packed items. Karni retail grocery software is available in many flavors to fit your establishment s wants. Contact us: RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd 29A, Brindaban Basak Street, Sen Bhawan, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700006 Website