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Contact: Mr. Sri Kumar Raja Mobile: +91–9533599282, +91–8465083040 Email: Website: Using CRYSTAL ICR Software you can easily convert any image to Text / Notepad with best accuracy. Features of our Crystal ICR software: Recognizes Latin alphabet text with best accuracy. High speed conversion rates, up to 7 files /minute (depending on input) Supports extremely low quality images Automatic correction of image status Extracts even little sized text Identifies Italic and Cursive texts Developed to converts multilingual images such as English, French, Dutch and etc Sustains batch processing of images Supports all image formats like Tiff, Jpg, Gif, Bmp, Png etc without any discrimination Conversion can be done to Word (DOC) or Text (TXT) or Notepad Converts files of an size Old documents can be recognised automatically There are a lot of companies in this image conversion business that don’t work consistently. But this Crystal Logics is a standard blue chip company that constantly converts images to text by its experienced team. We Crystal Logics not only limited to services but also generates innovative weapons like Convert image to text – Crystal ICR software. This image to text converter is capable of identifying old documents even though they are in different languages like English, French, Dutch and etc, without any font style discriminations. Image to text batch conversion done at a speed of 7 files/minute that too with 97% accuracy rate. Though the images contain Italic and Cursive texts it can recognize for conversion. No need to worry about Latin text as it can also recognize Latin text. Even though images are in low quality our Crystal ICR can drag the text especially very little sized and also corrects the image status automatically. Scanned image to word converter supports any image format like Tiff, Jpg, Gif, Bmp, Png etc conversion to Word (DOC) or Text (TXT) or Notepad as you wish. Hence you can access our services and products for any images conversation as they are from a very standard company like Crystal Logics and also available at moderate price YOU TUBE LINK: WEB POST LINK: KEYWORDS: convert any image format to notepad, converts images to text, Convert image to text, image to text converter, Scanned image to word converter, images conversation, Website