Digital India and its smart card technologies - Orphicard

In this digital world smart card and its usage is taking over almost ebvery sphere They play a significant role on an individuals life today in terms of his or her workplace or elsewhere.India is new to the concept of Id card making and have not yet established so well as an id card maker. Plastic card printers are in huge demand mostly in all sectors be it retail or education, finance, corporate, transportation etc. The Government has made Aadhar card mandatory for all purposes and it has to be integrated with our banking systems and other systems. There are several Aadhar card printers in Kolkata. Orphicard Tech Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first company to introduce its own brand of ID Card printers. As India is one of the biggest markets for smart cards in the world we aim to provide our clients with evolving Smart Card technology and applications & technology-based solution to meet the need of individual customers Website